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Sunday January 21st 2018

Husqvarna 7021R 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV Gas Powered Self-Propelled RWD Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 7021R 21-Inch Gas Powered Self-Propelled RWD Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 7021R 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV Gas powered self-propelled RWD lawn mower is a walk-behind mower. As the full name says, this Husqvarna lawn mower is powered by the Honda GCV 160 engine. It has the AutoWalk feature that is a self-propelled rear wheel drive system which you can activate by squeezing the trigger that is located on the handlebar. The trigger can control the speed and if you let it go, it will stop the mower. There is one downside to this and that is if you have a problem with your hands – that is if they are weak or small – this might be difficult for you. But the self-propelling aspect does make maneuvering the machine around the yard a very easy thing to do.

The Husqvarna walk behind lawn mower emerged in 2009 and is a powerhouse with a 21-inch deck and the ability to let you mulch, side discharge or bag your clippings. It costs about $350 but can be found online for varying lower rates. (And for higher prices too.)

Some of the admirable specs of the Husqvarna 7021R include the single-lever deck height adjustment (six cutting heights from 1.5 inch to 3.5 inches), 6.9 pound-foot gross torque, adjustable handle height, folding handle for storage and transport, soft grips, double ball-bearing wheels, adjustable wheel heights, and eight-inch wheels.

Husqvarna lawn mower reviews are typically positive. Some admit to early skepticism but their skepticism was soon replaced with comments such as “it slices through my lawn like a sharp scissor through paper” and “an elderly person could start this mower.” Other reviews note that the Husqvarna walk behind lawn mower works very well in wet grass and is very ergonomic.

In spite of the strength needed to hold down the trigger, the handle is curved which is considered very comfortable. In spite of the wide cutting swath of the 21-inch blades, the Husqvarna lawn mower mows nice and close to trees and bushes. With the eight-inch rear wheels and double ball bearings the lawn mower does not bounce around even on rough ground. The lack of jouncing and bouncing makes mowing a lot easier. You are not going to feel like you are holding unto a bucking bronco.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine that is easy to handle, check out the range of Husqvarna lawn mowers. There are, for instance, several iterations of the 7021R with slight variations. What makes this particular model so great to use is its self-propelling ability.

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