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Sunday January 21st 2018

Neuton CE 5.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The Neuton CE 5.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower lets you save gas, save effort and save money.

This battery powered lawn mower has a number of distinctive features: 6 position cutting height lever with 14” cutting width, adjustable in a convenient way – easy and effortless. It has just one-touch cutting height adjustment from 1/2-inch to 3-inch.

Its cutting blade tip spins at nearly 16,000 ft/min. It is easy to transport and store. It operates quietly, without a need for power cord or gasoline. World’s quietest rotary mower as it is described.

It saves you from the hassle of storing the power cord and from getting messed with gasoline. There is no gas or oil to leak. No gas or oil means easy clean-up, least engine maintenance, and safe storage without spills or fumes.

It comes with rear grass bag, mulching plug, and side discharge chute. It costs up to $333.93. The benefit you can get is a lot more than it costs.

The 12-hour battery charge enables the machine to run for 45 to 60 minutes. The mower has a total weight of just 48 pounds with the battery already installed. One can’t expect to savor the advantage of Neuton Mowers.

Let us check some reviews of this small but terrible machine. Here are some assessments of the product you would find worth-owning:

  • The key benefits of the Neuton CE 5.2 are that it works well without compromising the environment, and that it doesn’t demand continual maintenance.
  • This is a great little mower; light, quiet and mows like a row of goats! I mean thick grass too! I have two acres of yard alone and I can cut it on two charges!
  • The major reason I considered buying an electric mower was that the gas rotary mowers I have owned always were hard to start after the Winter season. I saw an ad for the Neuton and a cordless electric seemed attractive. No cord to run over or move around.
  • Terrific product. I love it. Got two batteries with it, but have never had to use two in order to finish my lawn. Oh, and it is quiet!!
  • The Neuton couldn’t be easier and cheaper to operate….about 10 cents per charging. No more need to go to the gas station to fill gas cans, no more storing gas cans in my garage, no more changing oil and preparation for storage over the winter.

This Neuton CE 5.2 lawn mower can quietly get your mowing done without bothering the neighbors while they are trying to sleep in. Make sure you have charged the battery to full charge and you can be finished mowing while your coffee is still hot. You can enjoy a manicured lawn without impacting the environment.

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