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Sunday January 21st 2018

Cordless Lawnmowers

Cordless lawnmowers give you the joy of convenience. They are free of gas fumes, have quiet operation and can easily be stored. It is basically designed for low maintenance with high performance. It is battery-operated. It has the advantage of the rechargeable battery that can be charged up for a number of hours. After it is charged it is ready to mow. It can cover a fair area of lawn.

Versus Gas-powered Mowers

Cordless lawnmowers are much cleaner compared to the gas leaks and spills commonly found in gas-powered mowers. G as-powered mowers can be really messy. Aside from the headache that the smell of the gas brings, gas-powered lawnmowers give you really bad headache of high cost maintenance.

Battery-operated mowers save more money; you can charge it up for hours and it is ready to tackle your lawn. Gas-powered mowers use up your money for it to work. They spend your time and energy to go out and pay money for the gasoline.

Another thing is that cordless mowers are environment friendly. They don’t emit carbon like the gas-powered lawnmowers do. Battery durability reaches up to a couple of years.

Neighbors sometimes just can’t stop whining about the noise that lawnmowers produce. They make noise just as car engines do. Cordless lawnmowers save you from the trouble of getting yelled at by your neighbors. They operate quietly and efficiently.

Versus Corded Electric Mowers

What if your lawn is studded with obstacles like gnomes, bushes, trees, etc.? You can work with the mower powered with a long cord for a day full of frustration. Stress is your number one enemy. Don’t let yourself get caught up with the inconvenience.

It gives you the a smooth job and satisfying results. Charge the battery when it runs out and get it ready for the next use.

On the down side, a cordless lawn mower is a piece of equipment not designed for heavy duty. Beyond the normal size of lawn that it generally operates, that is 1/3 of an acre, the battery will begin to lose its power and the mower then obviously stops working.

It is also designed for easy grass-cutting in small-sized lawns. It cannot do well on tall grass since it will be too much strain for the power source to work efficiently. If you don’t have an extra battery you will wait for another couple of hours charging the battery in order to continue mowing.

A cordless mower truly can save you from getting stressed. Do the mowing in your lawn smoothly and quietly. End the day with satisfaction. For small areas of lawn, the cordless lawnmower may be just right for you.

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