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Sunday January 21st 2018

Black & Decker CMM1200 19-Inch Cordless Mulching Lawn Mower

Black & Decker CMM1200 Cordless Mulching MowerWho doesn’t want to mow his lawn hassle-free with the use of easy-to-use lawn mowers? We do not want to burden ourselves more. Working all day long away from home and at the end of the day you look at your yard with the grass noticeably growing fast, that means another load.

With the convenience that modernity offers us today, for those of us who want to mow our lawn routinely with maximum easiness and optimum result without compromising the environment, Black & Decker mulching mowers are fashioned to give us those benefits.

The Black & Decker CMM1200 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching Lawn Mower is made to meet our demands. We do not want to experience having problems on how to start our lawn mowers. The Black & Decker CMM1200 gets you to start your mower easily. Insert the key, pull the lever and mow.

The key is a safety feature of the B&D CMM1200. Unlike other cordless lawn mowers depending on the single-touch pull-starts, this machine saves you from accidentally starting the engine.

Additionally, this Black & Decker mulching mower comes with a cutting width of 19 inches. It cuts pretty well than those only designed to make a 14-inch cutting width. It has a polymer deck designed for easy cleaning not to rust, plus a blessing of a generous lifetime warranty.

You can make use of a mulching plate that puts back cuttings to your lawn. It has a large capacity mulching bag that accommodates clippings for mulching. This way lets you experience an environment responsive way of fertilizing your own lawn.

You can select from 1.5 to 3.5 inches of mowing height to respond to your lawn’s demands. A single-pull lever adjusts the height of the wheels.

Don’t worry about how this mulching mower operates. It does not need gas or oil. It is powered by a battery that you can leave to charge over night with a maximum power that allows you to mow a yard with an area up to 12,000 square feet.

And when you are done grooming your lawn, you can store this Black and Decker mulching mower with just a fold of the handle allowing you to keep it in tight spaces.

For more information Black & Decker CMM1200 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching Lawn Mower.

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